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Memolos is a variety of the well known traditionall 'Memo' or 'Pairs' game - The object of the game is to find pairs of matching cards by turning them over (here by mouse-click). Matching cards will be removed, until the total deck of cards is removed with as less as possible moves. The speciality in this version of Memolos is the possibility to play with 2 layers of cards on top of each other. There is also a variety implemented to play with pairs of not identical cards, which belong by the same theme or context to each other. - My site also includes an offer to produce your own set of Memolos with a selection of your own fotos for your website, commercial use or just for private use. - Please mail me for more informations on this issue..

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If ever you found this site by searching for the teaching game 'Memolo for children by the company 'beleduc' - you can find it here:
"Memolo by beleduc"

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Word Anagrams
Pairs of words with mixed letters
double layer

Single Egypt - 1 layer
double layer Egypt ancient - double layer
double layer Masks - double layer
double layer Flags - double layer
Flags - Countries
vs. Flags
double layer

both inscribed
only the countries inscribed
only the flags inscribed
neither flags nor countries inscribed
engravings by
Jacob Hübner
double layer

Butterflies double layer
Pair - 2. part inscribed
Pair - 1. part inscribed
German European traffic signs
Single double layer
traffic signs - 1 layer
traffic signs - double layer
traffic signs vs description of traffic signs/a>
Aquaristic Fotos
Double Layer Fishes etc. by J. Großkopf
Ocean World
double layer Ocean underwater world
double layer Nuances of Colors
Coats of Arms - Germany
double layer
Towns & Federal States- double layer
Names of towns vs coat of arms
Coat of Arms Israel
double layer
Coat of Arms - double layer
Name of town vs coat of arms
Coats of Arms Suomi (Finland)
Emblems of Regions & Towns
Names of towns vs coat of arms
Town Seals of Greece
Hellas town seals double layer
Name of town vs Seal of town
Coats of Arms Great Britain
Double Layer
Towns - double layer
Coat of Arms & Flags of the regions of France
Double Layer
Coat of Arms - Double Layer
Coat of Arms vs Flags
Flags vs contours on map
Coat of Arms & Flags of the regions of Spain
Double Layer
Flags - Double Layer
Coat of Arms - Double Layer
Flags vs contours on map
Coat of Arms vs Flags
Coat of Arms & Flags of the regions of Italy
Coat of Arms - Double Layer
Flags vs contours on map
Coat of Arms vs Flags
Flags & maps of the States of USA
double layer
pair game
Flags - double layer
Flags vs maps of the states
Hebrew - German
Double Layer
Vocable Trainer - double layer - Ulpan: Iwrit - German
Single Doppeldecker
Cats single layer by Alison Kerr
Cats double layer by Alison Kerr
Photo Model Larine
Photomodel Larine double layer
Japan - André
double layer Japan - double layer
American presidents
einlagig American presidents
Mini-Set - Single-Layer

double layer Flowers double layer
Olympic Games
Doppeldecker Posters of Olympic Games
Tracks in the snow
Doppeldecker footsteps in snow

Explanation of the Symbols
One Layer Memolo
2 layers of cards over each other
Belonging to each other, but not equal pairs

Memolos by Heimo Geske - byte the orange - Nuremberg - e-mail:


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A Memo game - online game in which you reveal pairs of picture cards - a variety & extension of the traditional well knwon memo game, that here in Germany is mainly known as Memory game . But the name 'Memory' for this game is a protected trademark of 'Ravensburger Spiele'. The principli of the game is very old. It exists since the 16th century in Japan as 'Kai-Awase'. It is known in english speaking regions as 'Pairs', 'Pelmanism', 'Remember', 'Memo' etc. and was here also called 'Zwillingsspiel', (twins game) 'Punta' & 'Merkfix'.
My variety of the memo game is called Memolos, a game to train your memory..